12:53 / 04.09.2021

IDB’s Board of Governors holds a roundtable discussion

As part of the IDB’s 46th Annual Meeting on September 3, a roundtable discussion was held to discuss current trends in the global and regional economy, the impact of COVID-19 on the economies of IDB member countries, the Bank’s activities to support them in overcoming pandemic problems, as well as the IDB strategy for the near future.

During the event, the sides exchanged views on the socio-economic problems and challenges facing the IDB member countries last year. These include rising poverty levels and growing inequality in individual countries as well as across countries and regions.

The roundtable was a platform to form a common understanding and vision of the key factors determining the more sustainable development rates in the post-COVID period and the problem-solving mechanisms facing the governments of the IDB member countries.

According to the bank’s management, the IDB will work consistently to provide member countries with practical assistance in mitigating the effects of the pandemic by investing in strengthening the healthcare system and developing socio-economic infrastructure. Particular attention will be paid to the popularity of vaccines against COVID and the provision of mass vaccinations to the population.

Particular attention will be paid to mechanisms to ensure the resilience of the economies of member countries to socio-economic risks by eliminating social inequality, ensuring food security and creating employment opportunities for women and youth.

At the same time, the IDB will retain its role as a key catalyst for investment, trade-economic and regional cooperation, as well as a unifying link for the economies of the Bank’s member countries.

Speakers at the roundtable discussed sustainable development, social support, poverty reduction, and small and medium business development in the IDB member countries, which will form the basis for the Bank’s future activities. They also put forward a number of proposals to mobilize the Bank’s resources to restore economic activity.