11:28 / 07.09.2021
Uzneftegazinspektsiya: Almost 2 million liters of low-quality oil products have been produced in 2021
Photo: KFU

Over the past period of the current year, on the basis of 1,897 requests from gas stations and other organizations, the control and chemical laboratories of Uzneftegazinspektsiya carried out an  analysis on the basis of 3,205 received samples.

Based on the results of the analyzes carried out, out of 319.5 million liters of oil products, 1,937,968 liters were of poor quality, in accordance with which the necessary recommendations were given to enterprises and organizations to restore their quality.

Uzneftegazinspektsiya has established a systematic control to ensure the transparency of the analyzes carried out in the laboratories, the activities of which are constantly subjected to critical analysis.

In addition, all conditions have been created for prompt and high-quality analysis. Reportedly, this year, 3 types of modern instruments were purchased for analyzing the quality indicators of petroleum products in accordance with the requirements of world standards.

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