11:48 / 25.09.2021
Mahallas to be capable of forming their own budgets

On September 24, the President visited the “Sharq Tongi” mahalla in Samarkand. About 3 thousand people live here. Families are mainly involved in entrepreneurship and handicrafts.

Photo: Presidential press service

Head of state visited in the house of a local resident Abdunabi Abdunasimov.

Mr. Abdunabi worked in the healthcare sector, from where he retired. He and his wife Gulchekhra raised five children. Currently, they live surrounded by the warmth and care of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Labor veterans spoke about the life of their families and the dramatic changes that have taken place in recent years.

“There used to be the principle “state, society, human”. Now it is “human, society, state", that is, we put human dignity in the first place. All executive authorities and the economic complex will work close to the people and help them. At the same time, the person himself should not sit idly, but effectively use the available conditions,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Then the President spoke sincerely with representatives of the intelligentsia and mahalla activists. They told that the changes taking place in the country are felt everywhere, in every city and district.

“Thanks to our efforts, local budgets have appeared in khokimiyats in recent years. This was not the case before. Now we are planning to form budgets in mahallas. Just imagine how the makhalla, which has its own means, will change – the roads will be repaired, the water will be supplied, the stations will be opened. In the future, money will come to the makhalla, but the requirements will be different,” the President said.