11:02 / 27.09.2021
Procedure for partial reimbursement of rental fee for students determined

The government approved a regulation on the procedure for the partial reimbursement of the monthly rental fee from the state budget to university students living on a lease basis.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Reimbursement of part of the monthly rent of students living on the right of lease is applied to applicants living on the basis of the real estate lease agreement, registered by the state tax service.

Within the framework of the registered permanent residence, applicants will not be reimbursed part of the monthly rent. If two or more students live in the same accommodation on a lease basis, all of them must be specified in the lease agreement. This procedure applies to students of state universities who study only in the form of full-time education and live on a rent basis.

The applicant shall submit the relevant information or documents to the faculty deputy dean on youth affairs or the university’s department for coordination of student housing. Officials will review the applicant’s data for compliance with social criteria within 1 week. Then they will summarize the data, submit it to the selection committee on the first day of the following week for review and conclusion.

The commission will review the information about the candidates and make a decision within one working day. Accordingly, the order of the rector of the state university (director of the branch) will be issued and the relevant information about the applicants whose applications are approved and their list will be submitted to the accounting department for making payments.

For students whose application is approved, part of the rental fee will be reimbursed from the state budget from the date of their application.

Reimbursement of part of the rent will be determined during the academic year (from September 1 to July 1 each year) or depending on the duration of the academic year; applicants will have to submit to the responsible persons by the 7th of each month. Applications submitted after these deadlines will not be considered.

The partial reimbursable of the rental fee should not exceed 1 BCA in the city of Tashkent and half of the BCA in other regions.

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