11:07 / 07.10.2021
Modernization of Syrdarya TPP completed 

On October 6, the three-year process of modernization of the Syrdarya TPP was successfully completed with the connection of the 9th power unit of the station to the unified energy system.

Photo: Syrdarya TPP

As the Thermal Power Plants company reports, this large investment project worth $146 million was implemented jointly with the Russian company Power Machines in accordance with the presidential decree “On measures for the phased modernization of power units at the Syrdarya TPP”.

As part of the project, the plant upgraded 3-4 power units in 2019, 5-6 in 2020 and 9-10 in 2021.

“This project was implemented in cooperation with specialists from Power Machines, a leader in the production of energy technologies in Russia. As a result of the work carried out, the capacity of each power unit was increased from 300 MW to 325 MW, the conventional fuel consumption per 1 kWh was reduced by 40 grams, as a result of which, upon completion of the three-stage modernization, a saving of 270 million cubic meters of natural gas per year will be achieved. It is envisaged that the service life of the modernized power units will be increased by at least another 20 years,” the director general of the station, Bakhodir Nurdinov, said.

In addition, as a result of the modernization process, along with an increase in the reliability and volume of electricity supplies to consumers of the republic, due to saving fuel resources, there will be an opportunity for additional supplies of natural gas to the population, social facilities and sectors of the economy.

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