10:39 / 19.10.2021
Fine for not obtaining an insurance policy to be reduced by half

At the next meeting of the Legislative Chamber, the draft law “On amendments and additions to the Administrative Responsibility Code” was considered in the second reading.

Photo: Kun.uz

The draft law provides for a sharp reduction in the amount of fines imposed for administrative offenses under Article 5 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, depending on the level of danger of administrative offenses.

In particular, the amount of the fine for driving with an expired insurance policy or driving a vehicle by a person not registered in the insurance policy is being reduced by half.

Fines for non-receipt of insurance policies by vehicle owners are reduced by half for citizens and by one-third for officials.

The amount of fines for illegal acquisition or transfer of foreign currency by citizens is set in the range of 10 to 20 BCAs.

According to the proposed bill, the amount of fines for officials for violating the order of accounting and reporting is almost reduced by half, and the amount of fines for unlicensed passenger transportation is reduced by three times.

It is proposed to set the fine at 735,000 soums for allowing citizens who do not have an identity document, temporary or permanent registration to live in residential buildings, and 1.225 million soums in case of recurrence during the year.

The bill was also passed in the third reading.

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