14:29 / 20.11.2021
Citizens may ask Shermatov to unblock social networks and improve the Internet quality

The President instructed the new Minister for ICT Development to develop a program for raising the ICT sector to a qualitatively new level. It is known that many Uzbeks often complain about the speed of the Internet. In the country, some popular social networks are still blocked. Any website can be blocked or unblocked at a convenient time for officials. It all depends on their desire and mood.

Photo: Kun.uz

Previously, it was reported that according to the presidential decree, Sherzod Shermatov was appointed to the post of Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications.

On November 20, Shermatov reported that the country’s leadership instructed to develop a program for raising the ICT sphere to a qualitatively new level.

“The main task is to help develop the economy and improve the opportunities for additional income for young people. Maybe there are some opportunities, the implementation of which can be accelerated through the ICT introduction. We are also ready to consider any ideas that can be implemented in the form of a public-private partnership or in another form of revenue-sharing,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The minister asked for sending proposals and project ideas via the online form (https://bit.ly/3FAr2WL).

It should be recalled that on November 3, in Uzbekistan, some social networks were blocked for several hours. However, one of the largest social networks in the world, Twitter, is still blocked. Some other social networks also do not work.

In addition, residents of Uzbekistan often complain about the speed and quality of the Internet. It is logical that there will never be any development without fast, high-quality and cheap Internet.

It is important for the new Minister for ICT Development to pay attention to the above problems.

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