15:47 / 15.12.2021

Uzbekistan ranks 82nd in pandemic preparedness rating

Despite important steps taken by countries to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, all countries—across all income levels—remain dangerously unprepared to meet future epidemic and pandemic threats, according to the new 2021 Global Health Security (GHS) Index.

Photo: Kun.uz

Uzbekistan ranked 82nd in the pandemic preparedness rating compiled by the American non-profit organization Nuclear Threat Initiative, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Economist Impact.

Kazakhstan is in 55th place, Kyrgyzstan - 68th, Turkmenistan - 119th and Tajikistan - 140th.

The report measured the capacities of 195 countries to prepare for epidemics and pandemics. The data demonstrate that all countries have insufficient sustained health capacities, leaving the world acutely vulnerable to future health emergencies, including those potentially more devastating than COVID-19. The average overall 2021 GHS Index score is 38.9 out of a possible score of 100. No country scored in the top tier of rankings and no country scored above 75.9.

The GHS Index is designed to inform leaders of the foundational elements that are necessary to prepare their countries for future outbreaks and where they should prioritize planning and durable funding. It is not a direct predictor of performance in the face of a health emergency; as COVID-19 has demonstrated—contextual social, political, and cultural phenomena also impact how well a country responds to a biological event.

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