21:47 / 29.12.2021
Akrom Rahmonkulov sentenced to 7.5 years in prison

Former deputy khokim of the Jizzakh region Akrom Rahmonkulov was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. Akbar Rahmonkulov, Alisher Rahmonkulov and 24 other defendants were fined from 69 million to 100 million soums.

Photo: Administration of Jizzakh region

Today, December 29, the Tashkent regional court ruled on the criminal case against the former deputy khokim of the Jizzakh region Akrom Rahmonkulov and others.

According to the Supreme Court, all 27 defendants in the criminal case were found guilty.

The trial was chaired by the judge of the Tashkent regional court on criminal proceedings S. Ashirmatov.

The court sentenced only Akrom Rahmonkulov to imprisonment, the rest of the defendants received sentences not related to imprisonment.

In accordance with the tribunal’s decision:

Akrom Rahmonkulov was found guilty of committing crimes under Paragraphs “a”, “b” of Article 167-3, Paragraphs “a”, “v” of Article 184-3, Article 189-1, Paragraphs “a”, “b” of Article 205-2, Article 207-1, Article 209-2 and Article 243 of the Criminal Code. He was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison with the deprivation of the right to hold public office and positions related to material responsibility for a period of 2 years. He was fined 500 BCAs (111.5 million soums).

Defendants, their lawyers and other parties have the right to appeal against the verdict. The prosecutor and his deputy have the right to file a protest.

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