17:29 / 15.01.2022

Korea may temporarily restrict entry of Uzbek citizens into the country

The Republic of Korea may reduce or temporarily limit the number of Uzbek citizens visiting the country, the Agency for External Labor Migration reported. 

Photo: Kun.uz

It was noted that since November 2021, the organized entry of citizens to the Republic of Korea for temporary employment has been resumed.

On January 6 this year, the Agency for External Labor Migration sent 65 new contractors and 35 re-contract workers to the Republic of Korea in an organized manner for temporary employment.

Despite the fact that citizens were vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the Republic of Korea, and a PCR test taken 72 hours before departure did not reveal infection with COVID-19, coronavirus infection was detected in Uzbeks entering the territory of the Republic of Korea.

“The Republic of Korea may impose restrictions on Uzbekistan, in the form of reducing the number of citizens entering the country or even temporarily suspending entry, due to the detection of coronavirus infection in 1 of the citizens who left on December 23-30, 2021 and 6 out of 98 citizens who left on January 6, 2022.

We also ask citizens to strictly observe the quarantine rules and not to come into contact with others if they show signs of coronavirus infection,” the report reads.

It was noted that the Agency for Foreign Labor Migration is forced to take the following measures to ensure the unimpeded entry of citizens into the Republic of Korea:

ꞏ citizens whose departure is confirmed by the Human Resources Development Service of the Republic of Korea must undergo a total of 3 PCR tests before departure;
ꞏ upon arrival of a citizen in the Republic of Korea, if he is diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, all expenses will be borne by this citizen.

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