18:16 / 17.01.2022

“Malika” shopping mall, “Poytakht” business center and “Beldersoy” resort sold at auctions

“Malika” shopping mall was sold for 125 billion soums, “Poytakht” business center for 164 billion soums, “Beldersoy” resort together with the cable car for 107 billion soums, and also 51% stake in “No’kis” winery for 17.5 billion soums. Buyers are required to invest a set amount and comply with the moratorium on felling.

“Poytakht” business center Photo: iticket.uz

“Poytakht” business complex, “Malika” shopping mall, “Beldersoy” resort and “No’kis” winery have been sold, the State Assets Management Agency said.

51% stake in “No’kis” winery was sold to “Qarataw sawda bazasi” LLC for 17.5 billion soums and on the condition of an investment of $3.4 million.

An Emirati company “Quadro IH DMCC” won the bidding for the property complex of “Poytakht” business complex LLC on the condition of a lump sum payment of 164 billion soums and an investment of at least $6.0 million for repairs.

“Malika” shopping and consumer services complex was acquired by Premium Prime Service LLC on the condition of a lump sum payment of 125 billion soums. The LLC is also obliged to invest 100 billion soums in repair work and create 250 new jobs.

“Ulkan Mulk” LLC was declared the auction winner for the “Beldersoy” resort (together with the cable car) on the condition of one-time payment of the purchase price of 107 billion soums.

Buyers will also be subject to moratorium requirements imposed on felling of trees and shrubs.

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