18:12 / 27.01.2022

Car production in Uzbekistan fell by 15% in 2021

The number of released Cobalt, Nexia and Spark fell, Damas, Labo and Lacetti slightly increased.

Photo: UzAuto Motors

In 2021, Uzbekistan produced 236,667 passenger cars, Spot reports citing the State Statistics Committee.

Compared to 2020, production decreased by 15.5%. Then UzAuto Motors set a record by producing 280,000 cars.

Cobalt is again the most produced model with 71,082 units, or 11% less than in 2020. The second place was taken by Damas – 55,068 of them rolled off the assembly line. The third was Lacetti-Gentra with 51,061 cars (+2%).

The output of Nexia fell by half (to 31,466), Spark – by 2.3 times (9,915). At the same time, the number of Labos increased noticeably – up to 17,308. In total, six models accounted for 99.67% of cars produced in Uzbekistan.

Also, the production of trucks fell by 4.4% – to 3979. At the same time, 1,003 buses were produced – 1.5 times more than a year ago.

Despite the reduction in production, Uzbekistan increased the export of cars by more than a third. 28,952 cars were delivered abroad for a total cost of $281.8 million, which is more by 10,401 units than a year earlier.

Kazakhstan became the main foreign market for UzAuto Motors, taking 96% of exports in 9 months of 2021. Chevrolet has held the top spot in sales in the neighboring country since last March.

Last summer, the car factory launched a unified platform for the development of new models, starting with Onix and Tracker. As a result, the production of almost all cars fell sharply in August (although the production of Lacetti increased later).

In addition, UzAuto Motors announced a delay in the delivery of cars for 2 months. On December 20, 2021, the company introduced extreme measures, suspending orders for Lacetti, Cobalt, Nexia and Spark.

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