POLITICS | 17:07 / 27.01.2022
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Uzbekistan, Russia create a JV to increase cargo transportation

RZDL TRANSSERVICE GROUP, founded by RZD Logistics and the Uzbek logistics company UTI Transit, will deliver goods between the countries of Central Asia, Russia and China, as well as develop transport corridors to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Photo: Kun.uz

Within the framework of the joint venture, located in Uzbekistan, the parties will provide refrigerated containers, railway platforms, service maintenance and ensure the collection and reception of goods.

At the first stage, RZDL TRANSSERVICE GROUP plans to send goods along the Moscow-Tashkent-Moscow route with a frequency of two flights per month, as well as by trucks.

At the end of 2021, the implementation of the Agroexpress project was launched. It was designed to increase the supply of products between Uzbekistan and Russia by rail.

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