16:09 / 03.02.2022

Man commits suicide by setting himself on fire in Bukhara

A man committed suicide by setting himself on fire in Bukhara after he could not get his money back from a developer, who didn’t fulfill his obligation of providing housing. The case is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office.

The man gave 150 million soums to a builder in March 2021. But the developer neither provided the housing nor returned the money.

On February 1, 2022, he again applied for a refund for failing to get the house. However, the developer refused the appeal.

Then, at 14:10 on the same day, the man committed suicide by spraying gasoline and setting himself on fire.

According to an initial reference from the medical institution, 50 percent of the man’s body had been burned.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against the man under Article 103 (incitement to suicide) of the Criminal Code.

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