13:17 / 08.02.2022

Corruption in departments of internal affairs doubled

In 2021, 119 corruption crimes were committed by 89 police officers. At a meeting at the Interior Ministry, it was noted that this figure is 2 times higher than the previous year, UzA reported.

Photo: Kun.uz

Reportedly, 7% of the total five thousand complaints received by the Anti-Corruption Agency in 2021 reflected dissatisfaction with the actions and decisions of police officers.

According to the analysis, in 2020, 46 DIA officers were prosecuted for corruption offenses.

In 2021, this figure almost doubled, 119 such crimes were committed by 89 employees.

Of these:

•  47 committed offences described in Article 206 of the Criminal Code (abusing official power),
•  18 – Articles 209 (career fraud) and 211 (bribery),
•  14 – Article 168 (fraud),
•  13 – Article 210 (bribery),
•  9 – other corruption offenses.

In addition, an anonymous survey was conducted among the population to study the activities of law enforcement agencies in areas with a complex criminogenic situation.

It was attended by 5,883 citizens and 4,067 law enforcement officers. The survey examined the causes of corruption in law enforcement agencies.

“Each of them was analyzed in detail at the conference, and it was noted that measures are being taken to develop preventive mechanisms to prevent and eliminate corruption,” the report said.