14:15 / 11.02.2022
Uzbekistan’s 24 districts specialize in production of building materials

24 districts in the regions specialize in the production of building materials. This was announced at the AIMC press conference with the participation of officials of the Association of Industrial Building Materials.

It was noted that 400 billion soums will be allocated for the development of industrial infrastructure in these districts. It is also planned to allocate 100 billion soums for geological prospecting.

By 2026, it is planned to increase the volume of production in the industry to 42.3 trillion soums. By 2026, exports of construction materials will increase by $1.084 billion.

$2 billion will be invested in the development of the industry. As a result, 19.5 thousand new jobs will be created in 2021-2025 as a result of the creation of new production facilities.

During this period, the volume of localized construction materials will increase by 1.7 times this year to 1.55 trillion soums.

The demand for basic types of construction materials is fully met by local manufacturers. Domestic demand for products such as aerated concrete, thermal insulation materials, building glass, cement will be met, and some products will be exported.