14:07 / 14.02.2022

Stipends may be introduced for students of vocational education institutions

A draft presidential decree “On measures to accelerate reforms and develop professional skills to bring the system of vocational education to a new level” has been published.

Photo: Kun.uz

As the Ministry of Higher Education reports, the document is aimed at expanding the possibility of introducing dual training in vocational education institutions and the gradual digitalization of educational processes.

It is noted that 50 million soums will be allocated annually for the top 100 vocational education institutions that have introduced dual training.

A vocational educational institution may sell products (goods, works, services) produced in the course of education. A new differentiated procedure for remuneration of managers and teachers of vocational education institutions will be introduced.

Ministries and departments with vocational educational institutions are given the right to independently spend the proceeds from the sale of semi-finished products and finished products, renting free buildings, structures, training grounds and land plots, for the purchase of spare parts and raw materials for the educational process, foreign literature and textbooks, advanced training and encouragement, payment of scholarships to students.

From September 1, 2022, a new procedure for remuneration of employees of vocational education institutions financed in full or in part from the state budget will be introduced.

In accordance with it, the basic tariff rates of teachers, psychologists, youth leaders and educators of vocational schools are equated to the basic tariff rates of employees of general educational institutions, the basic tariff rates for masters of industrial training with the first qualification category of a vocational school, the second qualification category and who do not have a qualification categories are equated to the basic tariff rates for a teacher of the 2nd qualification category, a teacher with higher education and secondary specialized education of general educational institutions.

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