16:21 / 26.02.2022
Changes coming into force from March 1 announced

Kun.uz website highlights some changes in the legislation of Uzbekistan that will come into force on March 1, 2022.

•  If driver has a biometric passport or ID-card, he/she is not required to carry a driving license, technical passport, power of attorney and insurance policy;
•  Land plots adjacent to the owners of multi-apartment houses are allocated to them with the right of permanent use;
•  Persons with disabilities are entitled to income tax and social tax benefits;
•  The “desk of findings” will be closed, and applications for the search for missing items will be accepted through the Single Portal.
•  Based on the recommendation of the youth leaders in mahallas, several types of financial assistance will be provided to the youth;
•  A single system for licensing and issuing permits will be introduced. Applications for a license or permit by a government decision will be submitted to the competent authority through the JSC “License” or Single Portal;
•  Public control over the rational use and protection of land plots will be strengthened;
•  Open tenders for the connection of passenger routes will be conducted only through the electronic information system;
•  It is allowed to export cement produced in the country without restrictions. In addition, by January 1, 2024, the Export Promotion Agency will provide subsidies to local exporting companies (their authorized representatives) to reimburse up to 50% of the cost of transportation of construction materials to all countries, including neighboring countries by road, rail and air;
•  Funds for the control of tree pests will be allocated from the local budget;
•  A number of services will be provided electronically through the Single Portal;
•  It will be possible to put an apostille on official documents through public service centers and Single Portal;
•  Applications for participation in the foreign language proficiency test are accepted electronically through the Single Portal;
•  Qualification examination of employees of tourist organizations will begin;
•  A single electronic information system “E-ekspertiza” will be launched;
•  Training courses will be organized for foreign language teachers to obtain a certificate;
•  The Department of Internal Audit Services will be established under the Ministry of Finance;
•  Equestrian schools will begin their activities.

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