10:39 / 05.03.2022
Polish President visits Uzbek citizens stranded on Ukrainian-Polish border, talks to them

On March 4, 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda visited an assembly point near the Karchova checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Polish border, where foreigners, including Uzbek citizens, live.

During his visit, the head of state first approached the diplomats of the Uzbek embassy in Poland, shook their hands and said:

“You are doing an important and noble job for the citizens of your country. Diplomats and volunteers from other countries will no doubt be inspired by your work. I have been told that the Uzbek government was the first to begin evacuating its citizens, and I consider your efforts to be an important sign of the Uzbek government’s attention and paternal care for its citizens.

Earlier, we were in a similar situation and were concerned about our citizens who have left the neighboring country, as well as citizens of European countries. We were able to carry out this difficult operation, such as evacuating them, only with the active support of Uzbekistan. We remember that”.

Andrzej Duda spoke with the citizens of Uzbekistan and said that he would support them and provide the necessary assistance.

Earlier, it was reported that the number of Uzbeks evacuated from Ukraine via Poland exceeded 2,500.

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