10:26 / 11.03.2022

Presidential decree: Citizens who owe alimony will be banned from driving a car and getting married

Citizens with alimony arrears may not be able to exercise their right to drive a car and marry until the debt is paid in full. According to the presidential decree, the relevant bill will be developed within 3 months.

Photo: Kun.uz

The President signed a decree “On measures to further accelerate work on systemic support for families and women”.

Within three months, the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor General's Office will submit a bill to improve the efficiency of the alimony collection system. The project provides:

a) in the presence of arrears in alimony until the full repayment of the arrears:
•  temporary restriction of the debtor's right to drive a vehicle;
•  temporary non-provision of state services of licensing and permission to the debtor.
b) establishing the presence of alimony arrears as an obstacle to marriage.

The state trust fund “Alimony Payments” without the status of a legal entity will be created under the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement and 50 billion soums will be allocated for its activities from the BCE Development Fund.

It has been established that if it is impossible to recover alimony from persons accused of non-payment of alimony, within three months the funds of the state trust fund “Alimony Payments” will be directed to a lump-sum payment of alimony arrears, after which the alimony is forcibly collected without a court decision.

The Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Finance will, within two months, will submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft government decree on the establishment of the State Trust Fund “Alimony Payments”, the procedure for determining categories of persons and the conditions for paying arrears on alimony.

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