POLITICS | 10:04 / 15.03.2022
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Uzbekistan, Turkey conclude an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccination certificates

Uzbekistan and Turkey have reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, the “Vaksinauz” Telegram channel reported.

Photo: Pavel Bednyakov

It was noted that the Government of Uzbekistan and the Government of Turkey have agreed on the following:

•  in accordance with the legislation of the parties, they mutually recognize the official certificates confirming vaccination against the COVID-19 virus issued by the competent authorities;
•  the parties guarantee that the holder of a vaccination certificate has unrestricted access to the territory of their states to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus;
•  travelers from two countries who are fully vaccinated at the national level or with WHO-approved vaccines, if the vaccine is approved by the relevant authorities, use these rules when entering their home countries.

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