11:19 / 16.03.2022
Gov’t to introduce a number of benefits for retirees from April 1
Photo: Kun.uz

The President signed a resolution “On additional measures to provide comprehensive support to the elderly and improve their living standards”.

From April 1, 2022:

a) lonely elderly people in need of care will be treated free of charge in sanatoriums once a year;
b) low-income elderly will be provided with medicines, medical and special prosthetic-orthopedic devices based on a doctor’s prescription for 3 months, and the cost of surgical operations is reimbursed;
c) the elderly with severe diagnostic diseases and disabilities shall be reimbursed up to 50% of the amount of medicines based on the need for 3 months, in accordance with the prescriptions of doctors.
d) subscription costs of the elderly for physical education and sports at the institutions of physical culture and sports (stadiums, gyms, swimming pools and other sports complexes) will be covered;
e) ticket prices for the elderly to state theaters and museums will be fully reimbursed.

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