09:21 / 16.03.2022

Uzbekistan lifts a number of anti-coronavirus restrictions

Requiring PCR-tests from foreigners who received the vaccine to enter Uzbekistan has been abolished.

Photo: Kun.uz

In accordance with the Republican Special Commission’s decision, a number of anti-coronavirus requirements have been discontinued.

In particular, from March 16, 2022, the operation of checkpoints on the border of Uzbekistan with Tajikistan will be resumed.

Also, the requirement to submit a PCR test with a negative result for coronavirus taken at least 48 hours before entry to the republic is being abolished.

Travelers arriving from foreign countries, if they have a valid vaccination certificate or passport, are not required to have a PCR test result or an express antigen test for coronavirus infection.

Earlier, Uzbekistan and Turkey reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccination certificates.