18:32 / 26.03.2022
Land plots possessing precious metals to be sold through “E-auksion”  

The Resolution No. 133 of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 25 approved the Regulation on the procedure for extraction of precious metals by the method of gold prospectors, the Ministry of Justice reported.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to the document, permits for the extraction of precious metals by the method of gold prospectors are issued on subsoil plots, which are approved annually by the State Geological Committee.

In this case, the subsoil plot will be reliable, with clear contours and boundaries, shale gold deposits up to 5 hectares in size.

According to the regulations, subsoil plots will be placed on the “E-auksion” portal and the starting price per hectare will be set at 35 BCAs (9 million 450 thousand soums).

Permits are issued only to residents of Uzbekistan for 3 years based on the “E-auksion” results.

Permit holders must notify the authorities, the Ecology, Industrial Safety Committees, and the Mining and Geological Inspectorate in writing before starting excavation work.

The mined precious metals are sold to reception desks, jewelry manufacturers.

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