10:49 / 30.03.2022
Uzbekistan Express launches flights from Namangan to Krasnoyarsk

The low-cost airline started operating regular flights on March 29.

As part of the Eastern Hub project, flights are launched on the Namangan-Krasnoyarsk-Namangan route. Flights will be operated regularly in the "full economy" format by the low-cost airline Uzbekistan Express.

Flights are operated on Tuesdays in the following schedule (local time):

departure from Namangan at 17:35, arrival in Krasnoyarsk at 22:50;
departure from Krasnoyarsk at 00:20, arrival in Namangan at 01:55.

A ticket from Namangan to Krasnoyarsk will cost (including luggage) from 2.4 million soums, with a return ticket to Namangan – from 4.4 million soums.

One can buy a ticket on the official website of the airline, at the branch of Uzbekistan Airways Sales or from the agents of the air carrier.

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