15:37 / 01.04.2022
Ministry of Health denies rumors about lifting ban on wearing religious clothing

Doctors, as before, are required to wear white coats and a special headgear.

The Ministry of Health commented on the message about the lifting of the ban on the wearing of hijab and other religious clothing by doctors in Uzbekistan, which was distributed by the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis Rasul Kusherbayev.

The head of the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Health, Uktam Ismailov, noted that protecting and strengthening human health is the most important task of the medical system, and people in this area should be an example for everyone.

On March 24, the order of the Minister of Health “On the approval of the Ethics Code” was issued.

According to this document, types of outerwear gown or medical overalls should consist of a suit or gown of a classical form in white (another color of overalls between departments must be approved by the internal regulations), easy and quick to clean, comfortable to wear, not tight, without any eye-catching jewelry.

Also, paragraph 3.1.6 states that women - medical workers and students must wear a white coat and a special headdress corresponding to it. At the same time, the robe should be below the knees, with long sleeves (depending on the season), in a classic style, without foreign and various branded labels.

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