22:11 / 08.04.2022
Distribution of public debt by sectors announced 

Of the nearly $24 billion in foreign debt, the most ($6 billion) will go to the state budget, and the least ($0.9 billion) will go to education and healthcare and telecommunications.

Photo: Paul Yeung/Blomberg

It was announced to which sectors and how much public debt is distributed, UzA reported with reference to the Director of the Department of Public Debt Management of the Finance Ministry Jasur Karshibayev.

This year, the total public debt is $26.3 billion. Of this, $2.7 billion is domestic debt and $23.6 billion is external debt.

The distribution of external debt by economic sectors is as follows:

- $5.9 billion to support the state budget;
- $3.1 billion for the electricity grid;
- $2.9 billion in energy (oil and gas);
- $2.6 billion for transportation and transportation infrastructure;
- $2.4 billion for agriculture and water management;
- $2.1 billion for housing and communal services;
- $1.2 billion to commercial banks;
- $1.2 billion to the chemical industry;
- $0.7 billion for education and health;
- $0.2 billion for the telecommunications network;
- $1.3 billion in other areas.

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