16:39 / 09.04.2022
Two mines with 3 million tons of gold ore a year discovered in Navoi

New deposits discovered in Tomdi district have more than 40 million tons of ore reserves.

Photo: NMMC

Two new deposits “Balpantog” and “Tomdibulak” (as part of the Muruntau deposit) were opened in the Tomdi district, the press service of JSC Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine reported.

It was noted that the gold reserves of the new deposits will be transported to the plant’s 2nd hydrometallurgical plant by 33 kilometers of railways. The deposits have more than 40 million tons of ore reserves.

The mines will also produce more than 3 million tons of gold-rich ore a year for nearly 15 years. To carry out this work, the mine will purchase 7 hydraulic excavators, 5 drilling rigs, 23 dump trucks, 2 locomotives and many other mining equipment.

To date, one modern hydraulic excavator and 10 dump trucks with a capacity of 90 tons have been delivered. The excavation work started today.

The project will create 653 new jobs at the mine.