09:00 / 15.04.2022
Special representatives of Uzbekistan and Great Britain call for preventing a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

On April 14, Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan for Afghanistan Ismatulla Irgashev held talks with the Special Representative of the United Kingdom for Afghanistan Nigel Casey, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

According to the Foreign Ministry, during the meeting, the parties discussed the current state and prospects of relations between Uzbekistan and the UK on a peaceful settlement of the Afghan crisis, as well as the prompt provision of humanitarian assistance to the country.

A high-ranking British diplomat emphasized Uzbekistan’s significant role in establishing a long-term and sustainable peace in Afghanistan, including economic assistance to this country. 

In particular, the British side noted the importance and timeliness of Uzbekistan’s initiative to create a multifunctional transport and logistics hub in the city of Termez under the auspices of the UN to deliver humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

There was also an exchange of views on the current situation in Afghanistan, the development of a consolidated position of the international community both in relation to the new authorities of the country, and preventing a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

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