16:31 / 19.04.2022
Uzbekistan may introduce South Korean artificial intelligence technology in field of preschool education   

Deputy Chairman of the Korean-Uzbek Business Association (KUBA) Kim Chang Keon and Executive Director of the association and head of Edulink Global Han Chong Rim met with the Minister of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan Agrippina Shin, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

Various issues of cooperation were discussed, such as the progress of the project to create a platform for learning “Sboard”, as well as the promotion of the project to introduce technologies using artificial intelligence into the process of teaching English.

The project to create a platform for learning “Sboard” is being implemented in the format of a consortium with the participation of the company Edulink Global, which is a member of KUBA. Thanks to the support of this company, an application was created on the basis of which it is possible to carry out unhindered mutual communication between responsible officials from the Ministry of Preschool Education, teachers and parents. The application includes advanced solutions and opportunities in the field of creating platforms for educational institutions, which allow not only active communication between all participants in the application, but also provide an opportunity to competently build and manage the work of managing and monitoring the learning process from different sides.

Currently, with the support of the Ministry of Preschool Education, a successful pilot implementation of the “Sboard” platform has been carried out in 473 kindergartens in various districts of the city of Tashkent. By the end of this year, it is planned to expand the implementation of the platform to 2,000 institutions throughout the country, which will be another important step for the development and improvement of preschool education processes in our country.

In addition, during the meeting with the Minister of Preschool Education and directly during their visits to kindergartens, representatives of KUBA and the leaders of the “Sboard” project were able to personally hear positive feedback and appreciation of the results of the “Sboard” application from employees of the ministry, teachers of preschool educational institutions and parents.

During the meeting, Minister Agrippina Shin expressed special gratitude to the Deputy Chairman of KUBA and the head of Edulink Global, Han Chong Rim, for the great contribution to the development of preschool education in Uzbekistan, which is carried out with the introduction of the “Sboard” platform. In turn, representatives of the South Korean side thanked the minister and all responsible employees for active cooperation and all kinds of support during the implementation of this project.

During the meeting, in particular, special attention was paid to discussing the implementation of projects to create systems and programs for teaching English using artificial intelligence technology in the near future with the support of the South Korean side.