10:15 / 04.05.2022
“We can go even higher with less interference in the press” – Komil Allamjonov

Allamjonov commented on the sharp rise in Uzbekistan’s press freedom index and supported journalists and bloggers. “Freedom can only be achieved through struggle. If we are discouraged and afraid, human dignity will never be high in this country. Human rights and justice will be lost,” the head of the Mass Media Foundation said. Saida Mirziyoyeva noted that the increase in the rating is not only a recognition, but also a responsibility.

Photo: Telegram / Komil Allamjonov

Chairman of the Public Fund for Support and Development of National Mass Media Komil Allamjonov commented on the fact that Uzbekistan ranks 133rd in the index of press freedom.

Today, in the Press Freedom Index 2022, Uzbekistan has improved its performance by 24 positions – from 157th to 133rd place. This means that if the press is given less interference, we have a chance to rise to a higher level.

As the President said, there is no going back! Only forward!” Allamjonov wrote on his Telegram channel.

The head of the fund also addressed to journalists and bloggers.

“I would like to say to journalists and bloggers that freedom can only be achieved through struggle. So never give up, dear colleagues. If we are discouraged and afraid, human dignity will never be high in this country. Human rights, justice will be lost. Because the press vaccine is the most effective tool against rabies. Let’s not let some bite. Let’s increase our legal knowledge. Let’s not rest for the future of our nation, our children. Let’s become a real 4th power. Everything is in our hands.

Happy May 3! ”

Saida Mirziyoeva, Deputy Chairman of the Mass Media Foundation, also congratulated the media representatives on May 3 – World Press Freedom Day.

Photo: Telegram / Saida Mirziyoeva

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the double holiday – the World Press Freedom Day of Freedom of the Press and the fact that our country has risen 24 positions in the Reporters Without Borders ranking – from 157th to 133rd!

We have been following the green indicator movement on this site for six years and have rejoiced in any small success. And today we have risen sharply.

Given the international situation, this is not only a cause for pride and recognition of our efforts by the international community, but also an impetus for a sense of responsibility for further development.

I look forward to the day when we enter the top 5 and remember the current 133rd place with a smile.