18:01 / 09.05.2022
Tashkent to increase target parameters for GRP volumes and construction works by 1.6 times

By 2027, the target parameters for the volume of the gross regional product and construction work in Tashkent will be increased by 1.6 times, industrial products – by 1.4 times, services – by 3 times.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

According to Norma.uz, the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On additional measures to further improve the standard of living of the population and the integrated socio-economic development of the territories of Tashkent for 2022-2026” provides for this. 

In addition to the target parameters, the document approved the “Roadmap”, which includes practical measures aimed at the speedy elimination of the problems of the population that have existed for many years, as well as proposals made during meetings with the population. Moreover, comprehensive measures have been introduced to develop the engineering-communication, production and service infrastructure of Tashkent.