12:14 / 14.05.2022
67-year-old woman stabs her daughter-in-law to death near Tashkent

The incident happened on May 5 at about 10:00 am.

According to the press secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office Hayot Shamsutdinov, the two women had a quarrel at home and the 67-year-old stabbed her daughter-in-law in the left chest with a kitchen knife.

She was taken to the hospital with a bodily injury. Unfortunately, despite the assistance provided by the doctors, on May 9, the woman died. The deceased, 37, had three children.

On this fact, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 104 (deliberate grievous bodily injury) of the Criminal Code. In relation to the accused, the measure of restraint “detention” is chosen.

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