11:52 / 13.06.2022

Tanzila Narbayeva meets with ILO Director-General in Geneva

A delegation led by Senate Speaker Tanzila Narbayeva visited Geneva, Switzerland to attend the 110th session of the International Labor Conference.

Photo: Senate press service

During the visit, Senate Speaker Tanzila Narbayeva met with ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

In the course of the meeting, the parties exchanged views on the current state and prospects of relations between Uzbekistan and the ILO. As a result of the negotiations, an agreement was reached on expanding the scope of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the ILO, joint work to create decent working conditions in the country.

Also within the framework of the visit to Geneva, Tanzila Narbayeva met with Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Daren Tang.

At the meeting, issues of protecting intellectual property and continuing joint work aimed at improving the position of Uzbekistan in the WIPO Global Innovation Index were discussed.

D. Tang noted that he is closely following changes in the field of protection of intellectual property rights in Uzbekistan, carefully studied the strategy for developing intellectual property for 2022-2026, approved by the president, and this strategy is evidence of the state’s attention.

At the meeting, it was noted that WIPO is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to Uzbekistan in further improving national legislation, strengthening the protection of intellectual property, and introducing scientific achievements in all areas.

Photo: Senate press service

The parties stressed the need to create national brands and the need to protect geographical names.

Following the negotiations, an agreement was reached on WIPO support for a number of initiatives in the field of intellectual property in Uzbekistan.

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