20:00 / 15.06.2022

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan discuss border demarcation issues

The meeting of the working groups of the joint Tajik-Uzbek demarcation commission was held in Khujand.

According to Sugdnews, the meeting was held from June 9 to 14, during which the issues of the design demarcation line of the state border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were discussed.

“The meeting was held in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. As a result of the event, an appropriate protocol was signed,” the newspaper notes.

The next meeting will take place on the territory of Uzbekistan.

The total length of the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is 1,332.9 kilometers, including the land border – 1,227.98 kilometers, water (river) – 105 kilometers.

To date, the Tajik-Uzbek border, on the basis of an agreement of October 5, 2002 and an agreement on separate sections of the state border of March 9, 2018, has been completely delimited. Work continues on demarcating the border.

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