18:07 / 04.07.2022
Official Moscow comments on the events in Karakalpakstan

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the recent events in Karakalpakstan.

Photo: Kun.uz

He stated that the events in Karakalpakstan are internal affairs of Uzbekistan.

Peskov also stressed that the Kremlin has no doubt that the problems will be resolved with the active work of the leadership.

“Uzbekistan is our ally, it is a friendly country and an important partner. Everything that happens in Uzbekistan is an internal affair of this country, and we have no doubt that with the active work of the leadership of the republic, the existing problems will be resolved,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

It should be recalled that on July 1 in Nukus a group of people, hiding behind false slogans, misled citizens, disobeyed the lawful demands of law enforcement officers and caused riots.

During the protests, 243 people were injured and sought medical help. Among them are 38 law enforcement officers.

In addition, 516 people were detained, many of whom have already been released. According to law enforcement officials, 18 people died during the riots.