12:48 / 08.07.2022
LLC steals 12 billion soums worth of natural gas in Tashkent region

The owners of a brick factory in the Yangiyul district stole natural gas in an amount equivalent to the monthly consumption of 63,000 households.

Photo: Ministry of Energy

“Uzneftegazinspektsiya” under the Ministry of Energy, together with the State Security Service, held a control event in Tashkent region.

When inspecting the baked brick production workshop, owned by Urtaovul Oltin Gisht LLC in the Yangiyul district, it was discovered that the enterprise had used natural gas illegally, without installing a meter. For the same offense, the gas supply network was disconnected and pipes were dismantled in September 2020.

According to calculations, the amount of damage caused by the enterprise to state interests amounted to 12 billion 586 million 373 thousand soums. The stolen natural gas would be enough for monthly consumption of 63,000 households.