16:30 / 16.07.2022

Samarkand to host first regional conference on interconnectedness in “European Union – Central Asia” format

High-ranking representatives of the European External Action Service (EEAS) arrived in Tashkent to meet with the heads of ministries and departments and discuss preparations for the next meeting of foreign ministers and the ministerial conference in the “European Union – Central Asia” format, which will be held in Samarkand.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

On July 14-15, an EEAS delegation led by Luc Devigne, Deputy MD for the Eastern Partnership, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia, was in Tashkent to discuss preparations for the European Union-Central Asia Conference on Sustainable Connectivity and the Ministerial Meeting, which will take place on November 17-18 in Samarkand.

The Samarkand EU Conference on Sustainable Connectivity with Central Asia will be the first regional connectivity conference under the EU’s new Global Gateway strategy, adopted on December 1, 2021. This will provide a platform for intra- and inter-regional dialogue on shared visions that will help realize the goals of sustainability, prosperity and regional cooperation set out in the EU Strategy for Central Asia (2019). This will be part of the EU’s efforts to help Central Asian countries modernize, stimulate investment, digitalize, facilitate intra-regional trade and diversify transport and trade routes.

During his visit, Luc Devigne met with the Deputy Ministers for ICT Development, Foreign Affairs, Investments and Foreign Trade, Transport and Innovative Development.

It should be recalled that the European Union has established relations with Uzbekistan since the country gained independence in 1991. The EU provides financial assistance to Uzbekistan, primarily to promote economic development, effective management, digital transformation, “green” growth, development of sustainable agriculture and food sector.