SOCIETY | 09:43 / 20.07.2022
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Four individuals who attempted to smuggle $66,500 out of Uzbekistan detained in Andijan

Those arrested were citizens of a neighboring country and tried to transport the US currency across the border in exchange for a certain fee.

Photo: State Customs Committee

Attempts to smuggle $66,500 out in 1 day at the “Dostlik” border customs post of Andijan region were exposed, the press service of the State Customs Committee reported.
Reportedly, on July 18, 2022, four citizens of the neighboring country moved through this post. When they were stopped and inspected accordingly, it was revealed that two of them tried to sneak a total of $17,000 ($8,500 each) through the border customs post, one person – $9,500 and the last one – $40,000.

In all cases, these persons wanted to transfer cash foreign currencies that did not belong to them in exchange for a certain fee.

Currently, customs inspections are being carried out in connection with the above cases.

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