13:00 / 23.07.2022

USAID helped to return 35 victims of human trafficking to Uzbekistan

From October 2021 to the present, USAID and non-profit organization Istiqlol Avlodi helped to return 35 victims of human trafficking to Uzbekistan. They were provided with medical and social rehabilitation services.


The citizens of Uzbekistan were taken to foreign countries, including Russia and Kazakhstan, for the purpose of forced labor and sexual exploitation.

“Human trafficking is a global crime that trades in people and exploits them for profit. People of all genders, ages and backgrounds can become victims of this crime, which occurs in every region of the world,” said Luann Gronhovd, Acting Director of USAID Mission in Uzbekistan. “Combating trafficking in persons around the world is a key priority of USAID and of the United States Government more broadly.”

Since 2005, USAID has invested more than $9.6 million to raise awareness of human trafficking and to provide assistance to victims of this crime in Uzbekistan.

To identify victims of human trafficking both in Uzbekistan and abroad, USAID is working with the National Commission to Combat Trafficking in Persons and Forced Labor and local partners, including the NGO Istiqlol Avlodi, which is a member of the Commission.

USAID recently launched the Information and Resource Center for Migrants in Jizzakh, which helps identify victims of human trafficking. The Center also provides advice and information to labor migrants and their families.  

After victims are identified, USAID works to facilitate their safe return and reintegration into their communities. Returning migrants, including victims of human trafficking, are provided access to psychological services, legal advice, social support, and vocational training. In addition to rehabilitation, USAID provides support to groups at risk for trafficking.

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