15:06 / 26.07.2022

Government of Korean to provide Uzbekistan with a grant worth $21.4 million for development of agriculture

These funds will be used to open educational, production and innovation centers for agriculture in the country.

Photo: Getty Images

The decree signed by the President “On measures to introduce advanced technologies in agriculture of Uzbekistan at the expense of grant funds from the Government of the Republic of Korea” notes that the grant funds will be used to create a number of centers, experimental greenhouses and nurseries in the Yukorichirchik district, in particular, on the territory of the National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture (AKIS).

One of them will be a training center for advanced technologies in horticulture in Uzbekistan. It is planned to send $3.7 million in grant funds there.

The Korean Smart Agriculture Industrial Technology Innovation Center will also be established. $14 million will be allocated for this.

The remaining $3.7 million will be used to open a center for growing agricultural products and their seedlings. In addition, regional experimental greenhouses will be created in 5 regions of the republic.

It is noted that as part of the implementation of this project, 60 specialists, including masters and researchers from specialized higher educational institutions, will take advanced training courses in Korea. It is also planned to develop software for modern greenhouses.

The decree also states that the National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture will take over the functions of the executive and responsible body for implementing projects implemented at the expense of grant funds from the Korean government, including the creation of a new training center, greenhouses, nurseries and model farms.

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