12:40 / 02.08.2022
State Security Service confiscates a large amount of narcotics

A large amount of narcotics was confiscated by the State Security Service, the SSS press service reported.

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A Spark car was stopped and inspected at the “Samarkand muntazam” traffic patrol post in Pakhtachi district by employees of the Samarkand Regional SSS Department.

As a result, it became known that two citizens living in Urgut and Okdarya districts (born in 1991) were traveling in the car. They were found to have 10 kilograms of “opium” narcotic substance with them, and they were taken into custody in accordance with the established procedure. Allegedly, they smuggled this substance from Tajikistan and planned to sell in Khorezm region.

In the case observed in Surkhandarya region, two citizens living in Termiz district (born in 1983 and 1986) were arrested by the State Security Service when they sold 2 kilograms of 60 grams of “opium” for $40,000. It was found out that they bought this drug for $28,000 from a resident of Termiz city (born in 1989). The seller was also arrested.

At an operative event held in collaboration with the staff of the Syrdarya Regional SSS Department and military personnel of the Border Troops, a Nexia car moving in the direction of Bekobad-Gulistan was stopped and inspected in the Boyovut district. A citizen of Tajikistan (born in 1964), who was traveling as a passenger, was found to have 1 kilogram of “opium” narcotic drug with him. Allegedly, he planned to transfer this drug to Kazakhstan.

A citizen of Tajikistan (born in 1988) living in Fergana went to Denau district of Surkhandarya region with his wife (born in 1992). They purchased 976 grams of “opium” and 994 grams of “hashish” from a drug dealer in Tajikistan for $11,000 and smuggled them into the territory of the country. Later, while they were returning with narcotics, they were detained in the city of Margilan by employees of the Fergana Regional SSS Department.

In another case, a Lacetti car moving from Yozyovon district to Margilan city was stopped and inspected. Two citizens (born in 1979 and 1983) living in the city of Margilan were traveling as passengers in the vehicle. They were found to have 698 grams of “opium” narcotic drug brought from Kyrgyzstan. The narcotic substances were seized in a procedural order.

During an operative event conducted by employees of the Tashkent Regional SSS Department and the Regional Customs Department in the city of Bekobod, a citizen living in the Mastchokh district of the Sogd region of Tajikistan (born in 1977) was arrested when he sold 1 kilogram of 961 grams of “hashish” to a conditional buyer.

Also, during an operative event held by employees of the Namangan Regional SSS Department and the Regional Customs Department, a Cobalt car moving in the Yangikurgan district was stopped and inspected. It turned out that a citizen of Namangan city (born in 1966), who was traveling as a passenger, had 968 grams of “hashish” with him. He bought this narcotic substance from his acquaintance in Kyrgyzstan for $7,000 and smuggled it into the territory of Yangikurgan district through third parties.

As a result of operative events held throughout the republic, a total of 14 kilograms 734 grams of “opium” and 3 kilograms 923 grams of “hashish” substances were confiscated. On the above facts, criminal cases have been initiated under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Currently, investigative activities are underway.

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