22:15 / 04.08.2022

Qanot Sharq to receive two new Airbus A321neo aircrafts this fall

A private carrier leases aircraft from the American Air Lease Corporation. 

Air Lease Corporation announced the conclusion of a new leasing agreement with Qanot Sharq airline, Spot reported. 

Under the agreement terms, the American company will hand over to the carrier two Airbus A321neo previously ordered by it. Aircraft equipped with fuel tanks for long-haul flights should arrive in Uzbekistan in the autumn.

Air Lease is very pleased with the Qanot Sharq deal, A.J. Abedin, vice president of marketing for the company, said. He also noted the role of reforms aimed at developing the private sector of Uzbekistan in the development of the company.

“The Uzbek economy has expanded, and with it - the size of the middle class. Qanot Sharq is successfully covering the travel needs that have increased with the growth of the economy,” Abedin added.

The head of Qanot Sharq, Nosir Abdugafarov, expressed his delight in cooperation with the American partner. After receiving a new aircraft, the airline will be able to increase the number of destinations and the geography of flights - both long-range and medium and short, he added.

Qanot Sharq was registered in 1998 and specializes in the field of cargo and passenger air transportation. In 2003-2012, the company leased Il-76 aircraft from Uzbekistan Airways and operated its own charter flights.

The carrier signed its first contract with Air Lease in February 2021. Then an American company leased two used Airbus A320-200s to it.

Earlier, it was reported that Qanot Sharq launched weekly flights between Samarkand and St. Petersburg.

Air Lease Corporation is one of the leading aircraft rental companies based in Los Angeles. It owns more than 450 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which are leased from more than a hundred companies in 60 countries. Air Lease shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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