14:56 / 05.08.2022

Gov’t to allocate funds from the budget to citizens who establish a family orphanage

Photo: National Guard of Uzbekistan

The presidential decision “On additional measures to improve the activities of family orphanages” was adopted.

From September 1:

•  family orphanages will be established based on the decision of the relevant district (city) khokim without the status of a legal entity by citizens who want to bring up orphans and children deprived of parental care (students) in their families;
•  the number of foster children in a family orphanage should be at least 3, but at most 5. In this case, the total number of children and foster children of citizens who have established a family orphanage should not exceed 8 people;
•  family orphanages are allowed to be organized by citizens who have successfully completed child-care training courses;
•  coordination and control of the activities of family orphanages is carried out by the National Guard and child protection departments of district (city) governments;
•  it is prohibited to request documents that can be obtained from the electronic databases of relevant ministries and agencies from persons who have applied for establishment of a family orphanage.

Citizens, who have established a family orphanage, from September 1 will receive the following monthly payments from the state budget:

•  1.5 million soums for children under 7 years of age, 2.1 million soums for children between 8 and 18 years of age for the living expenses of each child in a family orphanage;
•  920,000 soums for the care of each child in a family orphanage, 1,380,000 soums for children with disabilities;
•  funds in the amount of 300,000 soums are allocated per month for the treatment and rehabilitation of each disabled child brought up in a family orphanage;
•  the funds allocated for the living expenses of children in the family orphanage are transferred to the bankcard opened under the name of foster parents until the 5th of each month;
•  children in family orphanages are given the right to participate in clubs and courses at state sports complexes, spiritual and educational centers, clubs, horse sports sections, “Ishga Marhamat” monocenters and other educational centers located in the region for free.

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