15:07 / 09.08.2022

Civil servants banned from accepting gifts

The President signed a law regulating the activities of civil servants in Uzbekistan.

In particular, Article 18 of the law defines the conditions for handling gifts in the public civil service.

So, in the civil service, a gift is property of material value, transferred to a civil servant (members of his family) free of charge, or a service provided to him (members of his family) free of charge.

Civil servants are prohibited from accepting any gifts from individuals and legal entities for the performance or non-performance of official powers of a civil servant in their interests.

With the exception of following cases:

- gifts received by civil servants for special merits on the basis of the relevant decision of a state body;
- gifts received as a result of achievements in championships and competitions, awards in connection with public holidays, significant dates and other official events.

It is also determined that civil servants may receive gifts during business trips, as well as in connection with international and other official events.

At the same time, the cost of a gift that can be received in connection with business trips, international and other official events to public civil servants, as well as the procedure for disposing of it, are established by a specially authorized state body for combating corruption.

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