11:45 / 09.08.2022
Ministerial statement on school uniforms to be reflected in government’s decision

Minister of Public Education Bakhtiyor Saidov said that changes will be introduced to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the delay in the introduction of compulsory school uniforms.

The Minister of Public Education Bakhtiyor Saidov made a statement on July 27 and announced that the mandatory introduction of school uniforms will be delayed. However, the government’s decision in this regard has not yet been changed.

Minister Saidov, who took part in the press conference for the first time on August 8, answered a question about this and said that changes related to the government’s decision will definitely be introduced, it is only a matter of time.

“There is a certain procedure for a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. As a minister, I am also considered a member of the government. As both a minister and a representative of the government, I made my statement on July 27 based on the wishes of the general public and the situation.

It will take some time to prepare, submit and issue the draft decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. The opinions made in the statement will certainly be reflected when other draft decisions are introduced. You will hear about them in the next few days,” the head of the MPE said.

Earlier Saidov said in his statement that the introduction of school uniforms will be implemented step by step until 2025. It is not yet known whether these stages will be in the cross-section of regions or in the cross-section of classes.

The minister also noted that it is not forbidden for girls to come to school in national headscarves.

Later, the MPE press service reacted to the fact that in some schools the administration encourages parents to buy school uniforms of the approved design for their children, and stated that schools can promote uniforms.