13:36 / 13.08.2022

Branches of “Marokand oil base” embezzle almost 74 billion soums 

Serious financial violations were detected in two branches of “Marokand oil base”, the press service of Uzbekneftgaz reported.

Photo: Uzbekneftgaz

According to the company’s information, a shortage of 2,612.9 tons of oil products totaling 22.1 billion soums was allowed in the “Bulungur” branch and a large amount of looting was committed. Including:

ꞏ 18.3 billion soums from 2,382.1 tons of Ai-80 gasoline;

ꞏ 705.8 million soums from 44.1 tons of ECO diesel fuel;

ꞏ 1.7 billion soums from 111.6 tons of TDL-05 diesel fuel;

ꞏ 1.3 billion soums from 75.1 tons of TD-K5 Euro brand diesel fuel.

A total shortage of 4441.2 tons of oil products worth 51.6 billion soums was discovered in the “Jomboy” branch. Including:

ꞏ 2341.7 tons of Ai-80 gasoline worth 18.0 billion soums;

ꞏ 4.6 tons of EVRO K-5 diesel fuel worth 81.7 million soums;

ꞏ 92.3 tons of diesel fuel worth 1.5 billion soums;

ꞏ 2002.5 tons of ECO diesel fuel worth 32.0 billion soums.

Thus, a shortage of 7054.1 tons of oil products worth 73.7 billion soums was found in two branches of “Marokand oil base”. 

The collected documents were submitted to the State Security Service for legal assessment. Reportedly, legal actions will be taken against employees who committed the deficiencies. 

It was found that as a result of deliberate technical changes to 7 vertical steel tanks and artificially placing an iron pipe in the tank, a deficit of 2,573.5 tons of oil products worth 21.4 billion soums was allowed.

It should be recalled that in September 2021, cases of theft and illegal sale of oil products were detected at the “Marokand oil base”. After that, 11 employees were dismissed.