18:50 / 15.08.2022
Rare copy of Holy Quran stolen in Namangan

This copy of the Holy Quran, written at the end of the 19th century, was kept in the shrine of Sultan Uwais Karaniy in Chartak district.

Photo: Kun.uz

The publication received information about the theft of the Holy Quran kept in the shrine of Sultan Uwais Karaniy in Chartak district. In order to clarify the situation, Kun.uz correspondent contacted the head of the Cultural Heritage Department of Namangan region, Muhammadjon Kadirov.

Muhammadjon Kadirov confirmed that the book was indeed lost. He added that although the object is under the control of the cultural heritage agency, disposal of the land is entrusted to a separate directorate, and the copy of the Holy Quran is also kept by the same directorate. It was not possible to contact the directorate managing the shrine. The information service of Chartak district administration stated that due to the distance, it cannot provide detailed information on the situation there.

The stolen copy of the Holy Quran is made entirely of silk and was completed in 1874. The book was 74 centimeters tall, 51 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters thick. 13 lines of verses are written on each page of the 426-page book.

The manuscript belongs to the house of Mawlana Khoja Lutfullah Chusti. Until 1995, it was kept in the house of Eshonkhan Okilov, who lived and served as imam in Uzgan, Kyrgyzstan. In 1995, Kamolkhon Muhiddinov from Namangan brought the book to Uzbekistan. In 2017-2019, after the restoration of Sultan Uwais Karaniy Shrine, the manuscript was brought there.

Reportedly, the regional law enforcement agencies are aware of the situation. But for now, officials are in no hurry to investigate the case.

Two years ago, Kun.uz prepared a video about this Holy Quran.

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