11:41 / 16.08.2022

A 23-year-old student commits suicide in Andijan 

The prosecutor’s office has started an investigation to determine the cause of the deceased’s death.

A 2nd-year student of the “Logistics” department of the Andijan Institute of Mechanical Engineering committed suicide, Khayot Shamsutdinov, the PGO spokesperson, reported.

It was found that on August 5 of this year K.D., born in 1999 in Boka district of Tashkent region, came alone to the student dormitory of the Andijan Mechanical Engineering Institute and stayed overnight. The next day at 09:30, he committed suicide by hanging himself from a cable wire to the WC door in the dormitory.

A forensic medical and forensic-biological examination was appointed to determine the cause of death on the case of suicide attempt.

Reasons for the suicide of the deceased are being determined by the city prosecutor’s office. Pre-investigation checks are underway.