15:12 / 19.08.2022

Man protected by Surkhandarya governor previously accused of corruption

The former director of the Employment Center in the Angor district embezzled state money allocated for more than 30 poor people with forged documents. Nevertheless, he was soon appointed to a new position: now he works as director of the Mahallabay Work Center of the district administration - which is against the court’s verdict.

Photo: Kun.uz

Kun.uz reported about the audio recording of Surkhandarya regional governor Tura Bobolov insulting Angor district prosecutor Sirojiddin Ramazonov. The publication received a court verdict regarding the criminal acts of the former official from Angor, who is said to have been protected by Bobolov.

It is known that on May 11, 2022, a criminal case against Aziz Yuldashev, who worked as the director of the Population Employment Assistance Center, was heard at the Angor district court on criminal proceedings. 

According to the court documents, Yuldashev, during his directorship, abused his authority and looted the state property entrusted to him. He colluded with Ardasher Bayirov, the head of Angor City Tomorqa Service LLC, and Azamat Satorov, the head of Angor Issiqxona Qurilish LLC.

The head of the employment center had to build a greenhouse on the basis of subsidies and grants for unemployed, low-income and poor families in the district according to the regulation “On the procedure for allocating subsidies and grants from the funds of the State Employment Assistance Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. However, he prepares fake documents and signs tripartite contracts with heads of the above LLCs without the knowledge of over 30 citizens, who should have received the money.

The man entered false information and records in official documents, knowing that construction works worth 210,388,572 soums have not been completed. As a result, he transferred the subsidy funds to the account of the LLC and the private enterprise. Thus, he misappropriated a large amount of state money.

Bayirov, the head of Angor City Tomorqa Service LLC embezzled other people’s property worth 111,004,872 soums. Sattorov, the head of Angor Issiqxona Qurilish LLC, filled up his account with 99,383,700 soums without completing the construction work. 

More than thirty victims testified in the case.

As a result, Aziz Yuldashev was charged with several articles of the Criminal Code, he was deprived of the right to hold office and financial responsibility for one and a half years. He was sentenced to correctional work for 2 years and 3 months, with 15% of his salary deducted for the state account. 

In addition, it was confirmed that Bayirov and Sattorov, the heads of two LLCs, have committed a crime. They were sentenced to 2 years of moral correction, with 15% of their salary deducted for the state account. 

In imposing the sentence, it was taken into account that the criminals fully covered the damages of 210.4 million soums.

It is worth noting that Aziz Yuldashev is currently working as head of the Mahallabay Work Center in the Angor district. This information is confirmed by the press service of the district administration to Kun.uz. Reportedly, he is the head of the governor's assistants who work with the needy in mahallas. 

The fact that Yuldashev works in this position is contrary to the court’s verdict. As mentioned above, the court prohibited him from holding executive positions and financial responsibility for 1.5 years. The appellate court also left the original verdict unchanged.

According to the source of the regional prosecutor’s office, Tura Bobolov insulted the prosecutor of Angor, protecting the accused in this criminal case. The source did not reveal whether the governor took the side of Aziz Yuldashev or the two businessmen.

For information, Bobolov was born and raised in the Angor district.

These cases are disclosed in the days when much praise is being given to the adoption of the law “On the State Civil Service” and the selection of personnel for public work.

The reaction of officials to this case may indicate how well the new law will work in practice, or whether it will become just another piece of legislation that doesn’t really change anything.

According to this law, corrupt persons must never be taken for government work again. Although this requirement has not yet entered into force, the appointment in Angor remains against the law: the court decision is enforced.

It should be noted that the audio recording of the governor insulting the prosecutor is currently being investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office.